Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sick sick sick

I've been sick since last week. Sick Sick Sick. The doctor gave me a week off to get back to normal but I had only one day. I went out on Friday with my mom and Clint for a short time and then stayed in bed the rest of the time. When I went for chemo on Thursday he suggested another week off to recover.
This is a serious drug, this is a nasty drug, it is cumulative. Every week it makes you weaker and weaker. He wants to do a serious of test as well, an MRI next week so I thought that if I didn't feel good all last week maybe I should just get on with it and so I did. I got chemo again on Thursday.
It put me down, I was and still am not feeling good. Just sick, queasy, nauseous, dry heaves, tired, tired tired, no other way to say it 24 hours a day. Almost too tired to take a shower at night. I need a rest just to think about going to the bathroom!
I have not read emails in so long, my desk is a big mess, I know I wanted to write a blog but couldn't think straight.
I was reaccessed and given 2 liters of fluids and also a steroid for my nausea that I hope is working.
I just want to feel better. These gorgeous days outside with the spring breeze and all the flowers~ I want to be outside!
So just an update. Still sick, still fighting, still positive, still OK but CAN"T wait to get better real soon!
Thanks for all the prayers and love!


  1. Wishing, wanting, and praying that you feel better very soon. Going on retreat this weekend at Malvern - you are at the top of my intention list, Susan.

  2. Hi Susan,
    It's Christine Hale. I have been following your blog. You always provided such great meals for my family and I want you to know we are praying for you. Additionally, have you tried Zofran for the nausea? My daughter takes it everyday and it has helped tremendously! It's especially good for Chemo patients. Stay strong! You can beat this!