Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Day

Yesterday's blog was filled with fear.
I realize now that right before testing or a new step in this process I am on edge. I don't want to hold those thoughts and feeling in so I try to let them go in hopes of getting a clear mind in the process. So yesterday was a time of venting and letting go of my feelings.

So many people responded to me by email and comments and calls.
I am not alone. I go into this tomorrow with thoughts & prayers and white light and good energy.
I am being carried by the grace of my family & friends and I thank you.

A good nights sleep always helps and this morning I am refreshed and ready to take on whatever is in store for me.
I am not alone and I am strong. I have my health, my exuberance and my gusto for life on my side. I feel better today. Stronger and ready to do this.

One day at a time. Forget about all those nasty side effects, I will deal with them when and if they come along. I am willing myself better. I am breathing deeply with healthy thoughts. I will worry about it when the time comes. Today is the day I will enjoy.. each and every second.

The power or prayer and white light is so strong. It carried me through yesterday's fear and made me realize that I am not alone and that I can do this and yes, it will be all right... no matter what.

It is a beautiful morning and I will enjoy my life one day at a time.

I am so thankful for everyone and everything in my life. I am enjoying this moment in time!

The present~it is all we really have. Life is a gift given one day at a time!


  1. I will pray for your inner peace. keep breathing! You are a strong individual and positive thinking is part of the cure.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    The way in which you are handling this is positively inspirational (and inspiringly positive), just what we'd expect from you. Of course there are bad days and scary times, and I'm glad to see you honoring those as well. Your blog is magnificent, as are you. As always, sending you big hugs and healing energy. Now grab that bat and fight like hell!!! I know you will prevail. Love, Fran