Sunday, September 19, 2010

An open heart

Opening the heart is about loving others AND receiving their love. The giving can be easy, the receiving is a little harder sometimes. We all want to be strong and capable and responsible. We brace ourselves so we can take on all that life asks of us. But sometimes we need to soften up a bit. To melt into the care of others. And that is not so easy. It feel vulnerable and weak. But that’s just what our mind wants to tell us. Receiving love is as much a gift as giving love.  Receiving love cracks our hearts open in ways that giving love cannot.

Someone sent this to me a few days ago and It came at just a perfect time for me.

How do I begin to THANK each and every one of you for all the love and support and prayers and energy sent my way? Is it even possible to put into words what I feel?
For once in my life I am almost speechless!!!

This journey has not been an easy one for me... not only because it means that I am sick but it also means that my life has changed drastically, it is on hold... all I know and all I have ever known is not what is in the forefront anymore. I wake up to an entirely new outlook everyday.

I was the one who organized, planned, cooked, created and gave. Now the flood gates have opened and so much is flowing my way. I am startled, humbled, overwhelmed by love and generosity.

Friday night was the accumulation of that love and giving.

If Cancer has a good side it is my ability to see just how many people care for me, how the last 25 something years of my life really did make a difference. In one room, in a beautiful space filled with fall flowers and candles and smiling happy family, friends and clients gathered together to support me in any way they could.
It gave me the chance to see my children and how much they are really like me, my daughter Tina with her fabulous skills at organization and detail, who took on this awesome task of hosting this elegant and classy party for over 250 people. (A huge event even for me an experienced caterer). Her husband Rick who with his gift of gab, showmanship and sparkling personality brought people together in my honor. My son Dominick who flipped his tie over his shoulder and took to the task of catering, being the man behind the scene. Carrie, his wife who helped Tina organize the oh-so-many gifts that were donated.

My dear friend and neighbor Patti. What can I say about Patti? she is with me when I laugh and when I cry, she has been by my side with smiles and tears in her eyes to love and support me in any way she can.

All the girls who were part of the many meetings that took place to plan this event. Eileen, a dear friend for many years, helping Tina with every aspect of this huge event. Megan and Peggy, my cooking class girls, greeting all the people coming in the door.(I am sure they knew most of them from classes!) cheering me on every inch of the way! My oldest friend from High school, Stephanie. We have been through so much together.

So many of you, coming that night to help, to lend a hand, to bartend, to serve, to be a part of this huge party. A part of my life. To show your support and love.
With tears in my eyes and love in my heart, I thank you!

I have another family, one that is exactly like my big Italian family and that is the wonderful people at SPRINGFIELD PASTA COMPANY. Robert, who taught so many classes in my home with his Aunt Angelina, Grace his mom, Corrado his dad, Claudio his uncle. They took on the huge task of feeding everyone. They came with open hearts full of love and filled the kitchen with the aroma of Italian comfort food.They gave of themselves all night long and without question. I am brought to my knees with their generosity and love.
To Lisa Canterino and her husband Jimmy for donating all the produce and making all the delicious salads. To all who made the wonderful desserts and cookies~Thank you!

So I am opening my heart and receiving your love and it is healing to me and will carry me through this journey and I will come out the other side a stronger and much better person that I can even imagine.
I thank all of you so much for all your love and support! My heart is open to receive the love you are giving.You are the magic stones and the stars that I wish on in the middle of the night.  You are a gift to me!!!
I love you!


  1. Thank you for sharing. I know of you through my mom and some friends that went to your cooking classes. I always heard what a wonderful, funny, amazing person you were, and now I can see that for myself. I am also going through treatments for stage 4 cancer and I agree that it is our family and friends that carry us through (and their prayers.) It is overwhelming and we are very blessed. You have put so many of my feelings into words- you have a gift! I have put you at the top of my prayer list for your healing and comfort. Take care

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a truly amazing woman!