Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All day rain

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to the sound of rain out side my bedroom window.

My first thought was " all day rain" .... it is a term Clint uses for the sound of rain that is slow and steady and you can almost know that it will rain all day. Over the years I have come to know the sound of all day rain too.
As I opened my eyes I realized that this morning would be Chemo day. I was not looking forward to it at all. 
I have been so very sick all week .. for the last two weeks really. Hardly being able to get out of bed. The thought of not feeling good or worse for another two weeks loomed in my mind. I didn't want to do this.
But I knew I had to do this. So I concentrated on my breath and on this "all day rain" kind of day with the beautiful colors of Autumn that are streaking the horizons. I thought of coming home around 6 PM and getting in my comfy bed. I thought of this moment, this beautiful rainy day.
We went down town early as usual. I had my labs drawn so they could check my counts. I went downstairs to see my chemo Dr.

I told him of my last two weeks, mouth sores the size of Kentucky on my lower lip. If I ever wondered what I would look like if I had my lips done ~ I don't have to wonder any longer, cramping of the hands and feet, the runs and I do mean RUN!  My list was long and he was very sympathetic. I was sent back downstairs to the infusion center to await my lab results and start my infusion. My port was already accessed because that is where they draw blood.

In a little while the chemo nurse came over with a paper in her hand and said that my platelets were dangerously low and that I would be very prone to infection( oh goodie!)

She had to call my doctor  to see what he wanted to do. She came back a little while later with such wonderful news!!! No chemo for me this week! a reprieve!!! hurray!!!!And so I get a week to recover and feel good ~ wonderful, releasing, uplifting news. What a surprise, a present really. So we drove home in the rain, stopped for lunch at our favorite little place. After I write this I will go to bed because I am still tired, but I will fall asleep to all day rain and know that I will start to feel good soon.


  1. Beautiful post. What a comfort to be in your own comfortable bed and know that you'll be feeling better soon.
    Listen to the rain and imagine it is the sound of healing and prayer.

  2. Yay!! What a terrific pick-me-up for this warm, muggy all-day-rain day!!!