Friday, October 15, 2010

Wow~ Feeling good!!!!!!

I had my third cycle on Wednesday. As usual they gave me a steroid before the infusion as well as an anti-nausea and vitamins too.
I had a good but long day down at Jeff. The nurses and those who work there are very nice and so kind. So my day was very pleasant. Clint took his normal snooze, my friend commented that he could probably sleep on a rope! and I think that may be true! that guy can fall asleep anywhere!!!

I woke up yesterday tired but not nauseous and no mouth sores! yea!!!
It was a perfect rainy day to sleep and I did off and on throughout the day.
This morning I woke up feeling normal!!! How about that! It is a wonderful feeling! I still have my chemo pump attached giving me one more drug but that gets disconnected this afternoon. I am so happy to feel like myself! It is a gift on this beautiful fall day!

I have to say that I had a wonderful conversation with the nurses about cooking. They know what I do for a living and that I have a cookbook and that brings everyone around in my cubicle to talk about food! It is a universal subject and one that I love to talk about! I started off giving them recipes for dips and soups and just about everything and I have to say that I really do miss my classes, this is usually my super-busy time teaching classes and catering. I miss it! I miss the lively classes and everyone laughing and sharing recipes and getting inspired to cook again in this beautiful Autumn weather, perfect for comfort foods~ my favorite kind of food!

I am experiencing Neuropathy, it affects the nerves in the hands and feet... so my hands tingle like they are asleep and my toes and fingers cramp and are super sensitive to anything remotely cold. Makes it kind of hard to cook! Also my taste buds are pretty much shot... nothing tastes right ~another reason making it hard to cook. So although I do miss what I love to do, I know it will be waiting for me when I get better.

I questioned my doctor about the number of cycles of chemo I am to get and he said that I will have another in two weeks and then a series of tests to determine how the drugs are effecting my tumors and then we go from there.... either more chemo or they will schedule the operations.

So I think there is a plan in place which always makes me feel better! I will enjoy this beautiful day and my feeling good!
Thanks so much for all the prayers and white healing light and e mails and cards and food and flowers... they are all making me feel so very much loved!


  1. Happy news that you're feeling good. Let's hope there's one more round and then even more good news.
    I have a feeling you might be needing more copies of your beautiful cookbook..
    Love from Italy
    Marti, Piero, etc.

  2. Susan - So glad your feeling good!! Try a pair of snug rubber gloves when in the kitchen to help with manipulating around, gripping and temp sensitivity. Try kitchen scissors to slice/cut...use a rubber jar opener- or a mesch liner to stabalize food so it doesnt move during slicing. Slightly thawed chicken is easier to slice/cut. At night- a pair of wool gloves may help with the cold feeing in your hands. Remember energy conservation -- balance activity and rest. Yoga is wonderful for stress too!
    Hope these tips help...
    Your friendly Occupational Therapist and fan
    Joanne Kulsik-Kelly OTR/L

  3. Hi Susan,
    I found your blog just the other day. I had actually googled your name, hoping to find a recipe I got (and then lost) during one of your classes you gave last year. I was surprised and saddened to hear the news that you have cancer. Although I only met you once, I think many can share my feeling that to know you(even just a little) is to love you! My mother-in-law, who brought me to the cooking class, bought me your cookbook and I read every page of it and love it! Every recipe I have made of yours leaves my husband clamouring for more :) You are such an upbeat, loving-life kind of woman - very inspiring and fun and I just wanted to let you know that you have lots of love and positive energy and prayers coming from me, and so many others!
    Please keep your positive attitude - you are a wonderful person and are loved by so many! Take care Susan and I will be sitting in the front row at one of your classes soon!!