Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration

                                           Mom, Dominick & Carrie
                                          Mom & Dom
                                          Finn, Gavin,Christopher, Brandon

                                           Carrie & Dominick
                                         Dad, Christopher, Susan
                                          Dad & me
                                            Dad, John & cousin Al

                                       Carrie, Mom Clint & cousin Nancy
                                                  1940's Tina
                                           Dom & Tina
                                      nephew Vinnie & niece Amanda

                                           my sister Grace

                                          Rick & Carrie
                                         The love of my life!!!



                                    Brandon & Finn
                                                    cousin Al


 who's coming in the back door?????

 Still didn't get the face right!!!

As I promised I am posting pictures of my Pizza and cake birthday celebration with my family.
It was was wonderful night filled with love and laughter and family, all that is really important. We had an old fashioned birthday celebration with party hats and lots of fun.
I loved it!
Earlier that day my daughter Tina had 1940's Pin up pictures so she is in full makeup and looked so very beautiful... her younger son Brandon especially loved the red lips!!!! I tried to do a pose with her but I looked like someone was sneaking in the back door!!! too funny!
Thanks for all the birthday wishes, my birthday this year was truly special, I realized what is important.. it is not what you have in the bank or how your house is decorated it is the people, the family the friends that make life so very precious. I have a glorious life with so many people behind me in this journey and I thank each and every one of you! enjoy the family pictures.. we are a normal and crazy family and I love being part of it!


  1. The celebration certainly looked joyous! I love the photo of your dad with the hats on the sides of his head!!!

    Now, the burning question - where did you get the pizza? Was it Picas????

    Susan, so glad you had a great night. You look just wonderful in spite of how you are currently feeling - that positive attitude just shines through!

  2. Looking at these pictures is the high point of my day! I'm so happy seeing all those happy loving family faces. You look great, Susan. Love the pic of Clint with Finn looking over the top of the table. Delicious of you and Gavino. Clint has the pin up look down pretty well, I think.