Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Capture life in a snow globe!

I have to write today because a wonderful thing happened!

I woke up at 5 am thinking to myself...enough already!!! I've been in bed off and on since Friday!!!

I made a pot of coffee and I went into my"Voodoo Room", took out my pad of paper and started writing... what did I write? well I wrote a promise for today~that I would turn things around, that I would enjoy each and every second, that today is a DAY in my life, sick or not.. still living my life!

I made a commitment to me! (easy when I start to feel better) but you know what? we can wallow in our not feeling good, bad day sort of stuff, thinking why~ why ~why did this happen? and I DO think that way believe me, not often ~thank goodness!!!

I took some quiet time, to meditate, to think or really NOT to think .. just be and notice what is happening and take control!

I just wanted to have a day where I can do the ordinary things that we all take for granted... clean the bathroom, do wash, empty the dishwasher, vacuum... just day to day stuff we all do without thinking.

To be in the moment you need to think about everything you do .. even the boring mundane chores we all do automatically and without thinking. This disease brings to the forefront that each task, each minute of our lives is important~I missed doing the ordinary stuff.

So today was about capturing my life in a snow globe... sparkles surrounding me as I just went through my house and did housework... I loved every minute.

Clint took me out for lunch at one of our favorite places and I put on my headband to control what is left of my hairs (not a mis-spelling but what I call what is on my head now~hairs!)

It is a cloudy day but a Magnificent one for me!

I wish you all the joy of life.. being in the moment, take control!! you are the star of your own movie.. your life!!! don't give away your control or your life... it is yours .. each and every day! and I bless this day and all of you who are reading this!

Sending everyone white light, love and positive energy as you go through your day!!!

Give THANKS every day ... count your blessings the the end of every day.. it will make you realize what you HAVE  ... can't sleep at night... count your blessings instead of sheep!!!!
You have everything you need!!!!!


  1. This was beautiful, Susan! Thanks so much for sharing. So many great points - take time to enjoy everything! You are in my prayers!

  2. Third time I've read this.
    Will read again..and again.

  3. My Mother attended one of your classes and shared your website with me. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I gain so much from the posts and find them to be VERY inspirational!

    I don't know you personally; however, you are in my prayers.

    May God give you strength!