Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday Morning

I have been in bed for 48 hours, give or take a few hours. I mean Sleeping!! really sleeping.. I can't believe it .. almost hard for me to comprehend I can sleep that much!
The visiting nurse came to take off my chemo pump. They send me home with a pump to give me the 5FU( great name for a chemo drug~think about it~5 F U !!!!) for 2 days. She comes on Friday afternoon to take down the chemo and de-access the port. I stand by the door to await her arrival!!!

Within an hour of her visit, I am in bed. Down for the count. Tired, nauseous, not feeling good.. just sick. My mouth is tender because the big blisters are on their way. My sinuses are bleeding, my fingers are numb and tingly. Enough about about this good stuff!!!
I am served dinner in bed by Clint. He whipped up my favorite meal from Thanksgiving left-overs. Hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce on a piece of "American bread" with hot turkey gravy! for dessert we had pie and a glass of milk. I feel like I am at the GAP dinner in Lancaster!

You have to understand that this meal was not something I ate as a child. My Thanksgiving meal was a true Italian feast. Scripple soup, antipasto, manicotti, gravy meats: meatballs, brociole, sausage. When we were all done THEN we had a turkey dinner with Italian stuffing and vegetables. Too much to eat, but my absolute favorite part was the turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes. Very American as we say. It is still a meal I will order out at any Diner we visit, or little country deli. It is a meal of comfort and that is what Clint brought up to me in bed last night! I ate and went right back to bed.

I woke up to a Sunny Sunday morning. Still feeling tired but not too bad. I did some Christmas shopping online.... the best way to shop!!! and now I am headed to bed once again. I have to listen to my body and it is screaming SLEEP. So I will listen and sleep. Hopefully this week will bring some relief to this fatigue, but from what my doctor tells me ... it is not likely. He told me to be prepared for a week of general fatigue along with all the other fun symptoms I have.

To tell you the truth, the symptoms other than the fatigue are just bothersome. I can take it. It is the tiredness that gets to me. A busy, list making person, who runs up and down the steps and multitasks like nobodies business, this is the hardest for me to tolerate, but I have to go through this so I guess I will be in bed for a few more days!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, laughter, family and friends. It is a very special holiday to get together!
Bring on Christmas!!! Hopefully I won't sleep through it!

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  1. would be the only other person I know who loves the Gap Diner--it's been a long time for me--we will have to go there for lunch one day when you're up to it!
    XO Fran