Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take a few minutes today.. to Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I woke up early today with words to this blog twirling around in my head.

I wanted to wish you a wonderful day but I also wanted to urge you to take a few minutes for yourself today.

Now I know you are probably saying~Wow she must have chemo brain if she thinks I can spare a few minutes on one of the busiest days of the year!

But I am serious. I know first hand how crazy and stressful this day can be .. so much to do and so little time and oven space!
Whether you are cooking the whole dinner and having everyone over or maybe making a few dishes or being the guest, it is still a day filled with stress. I wish that stress away for you and suggest that you stop a few times today if only for a minute or two.

I think it is so important today to NOTICE, notice the people around you, the bright day, the last of the autumn leaves, the smell of a roasting turkey, the creaminess of your mashed potatoes, the brown sugar in your sweet potatoes, the smile on the childrens' faces, the conversations going on around you.

Wherever you are, in the kitchen, in the car, around the table. Just stop, take a deep breath and notice everything around you. As you do this bless this day you have in your life. It is really about this day, not yesterday or tomorrow but TODAY... it is the present and also a gift to you.

Notice what you have and who you have in your life, it may not be perfect, none of us are perfect! What fun would that be!!!
I love the madness of family and friends. The challenge of getting together and sometimes it is a challenge. I think we all live in dysfunctional families but I really don't like that word. We are all trying to do our best~hopefully!!! Sometimes it works and sometimes not, if that is the case let it go, get rid of all those negative thoughts swirling around, send them up to the universe in a bubble... get rid of them and come back to what you are thankful for .. I am sure you will have a long list.

Be thankful and notice today the cool Autumn air, the bare trees waiting for winter, the table set for this sumptuous meal, your family and friends gathered around you, your health, your dreams, your laughter, your smile and the smiles you see all day. Be thankful for all the food and I am sure it is abundant in every way, not necessarily quantity but the love that each dish brings to the table.

Don't worry if a recipe does not turn out the way you expected. As a caterer I know this happens but don't dwell on the negative, if you want to know the truth most people won't know a thing (unless you tell them!!!). ... just sit and enjoy the bounty we have in our lives.

I have so much going on in my life but I try to stay in the moment and notice all the wonderful and happiness I DO have.
I am most Thankful this year to all of you!
What a unexpected and much appreciated feeling I have in my heart for all of you who send me notes and cards and encouragement. I couldn't and wouldn't want to be on this journey without your prayers and thoughts and enthusiasm for me getting better... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH and I wish you health happiness and a wonderful day.
NOTICE, if only for a minute the sights and sounds and aromas that are swirling around you today. Take a minute,you will be so happy you did!
Happy Thanksgiving to all and I am sending light and love and a delicious day!


  1. Dear Susan,

    from all of us HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY "THANKS" GIVING, we keep wonderful memory (as well as our stomachs!) of the one we spent together last year. Love to Clint, Santina and Armando,LOVE from us

    Sara Mitì Cesidio Ale e Andi

  2. Hello Susan: all the best to you and your family this season and always. Know that I continue to pray for you. Loved the way you described Seattle. Now it is on my "bucket list". Just came back from Arizona. Now will think about a trip to Seattle. Thank you for all your beautiful thoughts. Diane, Garnet Valley, PA