Thursday, December 16, 2010


That is the word used by my Liver Surgeon to describe the way the chemo is working on this Cancer. He walked into my room on on Tuesday afternoon as we waiting patiently and told me he read the results from the PT/CT scan. "You have dramatic and remarkable results with the way the chemo is working. I see a vast improvement, 15 spots down to ONE spot on my liver!!!!!!!! this one spot can be burned or cut out.. a far cry from taking half my liver out~ that's for sure!!!!!

As I was hearing these words I felt relief but also I know that this journey is not always what you think or expect and he proved me right by telling me he wants to order a MRI with attention to the liver so he can be sure. I also have to see my Colon surgeon (so many doctors!!!) to see what he has to say about the way the colon is reacting. He also told me that when they do schedule the surgery I will be off the one drug called AVASTIN but not all the chemo. I will have a lower dose of chemo until my operation. So this journey takes a new turn.

I have an MRI scheduled for 7:30 tonight down at JEFF. It is way past my bedtime but that is all that was available, so we will venture downtown to get this test .. the sooner the better!

I also pleaded and begged not to have Chemo 3 days before Christmas and my Chemo Doctor agreed to give me the week off. My next infusion will be December 28th.  This week was full of good news as I tried to find a way to look at all the good that is happening around me instead of how I still feel, I am still fighting strong fatigue, I get tired very very easily and I love my sleep!!! the good news is that I baked cookies yesterday and went to my grandsons Christmas show.. it was wonderful.

I have so much to be thankful for this season. As I drank my coffee by candlelight early this morning and wrote my morning pages I realized that I have so much in my life that is good.

I could never go through this experience alone and I have so very many friends and clients that write, call, send emails, offer help and encouragement when I am down, people who follow my blog and send me notes of love and healing. Gifts left on my doorstep, luscious soups and food for Clint and I to enjoy. I am so blessed to have so many of you in my life now. Friends who see me always give me a kiss and a big hug, some with tears in their eyes which make me cry too but I feel the love and I am so very grateful!!!~Thank you all so much!

I have a wonderful support system and I just couldn't make it through the holiday season if it weren't for YOU!!!!!

I realize now that life is all about the little moments. The hugs, the cookies, the smiles and the love.
You are creating your life right now, be kind, smile, laugh often and at all the little things that life throws at you. Be grateful for all that you have and know that you are right where you should be and that it will all work out... no matter what.

I wish you joy and peacefulness during this busy busy time, I wish you laughter and hugs. I send you white shining light to fill your life and your body. Don't forget to take some quiet time each and every day just to look at your life and realize how lucky you really are!

And THANK YOU all for each and every thought you send my way. I lay in bed at night with an open heart to receive all that you send my way and I appreciate it all so very very much!!


  1. Oh Susan, that is good news!! So, go ahead and bake those cookies and enjoy the holiday season. There is much to celebrate! I'm happy they agreed to a chemo holiday for you - that'll make the week a lot easier on you I'm sure.

    Good luck with the MRI tonight! I'll be thinking of you at 7:30!!!

  2. Yeah!!!
    Susan, I am so happy for've worked hard and stayed positive and thankfully are getting good results. You are such an inspiration to all that know you, God needs you to remind the rest of us to take each day as it comes and enjoy the gift of life. Thank you for sharing your joy. God Bless, Beth Schwartz

  3. A Christmas gift for all of us who care! Wonderful news! Robin

  4. Wonderful news, Susan.
    We are so happy things are happening for the better and hopefully this journey is almost over.

    For all of us who follow your blog, you have been inspiring and this news is a wonderful Christmas present for us too!

    Thanks for the good news. Enjoy your holiday. Your richly deserve the best!

    Ed & Sharon Gebhart

  5. Susan-

    Wonderful news! Couldn't be happier for you and your family! Stay strong as you always do and enjoy every minute of this Christmas season - I will see you after the holidays!

    Stephanie Hannigan