Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Addiction

I am addicted. I can't go a day without it. I am drawn to it every time. I am a hoarder, a collector, I have a growing need, daily for my fix.
I  can't be deterred and won't change my ways. I am hooked for life!!!

My addiction is quite harmless unless you take into consideration the space my addiction takes up in my life, in the corners of my home. Piles and piles. Stacked everywhere. No rhyme or reason to my addiction.
I became hooked early on in my life, probably in high school but it has grown over the years. I am helpless when it come to this!

Books books books~everywhere. I wander into book stores any place I go. I buy books from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, from blog sites, cooking web sites, I especially love the independent book store~ Elliot Bay Book store in Seattle, the huge rambling book store Powel's in Portland, Oregon, the wonderful Chester County Bookstore.

When in the airport the first stop after Security is the bookstore. I love books. Cookbooks, novels, memoirs, books on Italy, books on mediation, self help, a better life, books books books... I love them can't be without a pile on my night table. Towers of books on the floor of my Voodoo room, cases overflowing- books piled in sideways tucked into corners. Books that I love kept in my closet so I can read them again.

It is a wonderful addiction! I love my novels and magazines and piles and piles of books. They comfort me, I love to be surrounded by stories, by others lives, by dreams, by inspiration.

Books have been a real comfort to me these past months. When I am in bed so long but still can't get up I turn to a book for company. I may have to read the sentence 2 or 3 times as chemo brain sometimes interferes with my reading but that's OK ... I love to read... even if it is the same sentence!

This time around with my chemo treatments has been a little different. The doctor took me off of a strong drug and I thought I would be dancing in the streets! but actually I am more tired these days immediately following the infusion. I am slowly coming out of that and feel better everyday. I am excited about the tremendous response to my cooking classes and I am very excited to put together new menus and ideas ! I feel like I have a little of my life back.

So I turn to my collection of cookbooks and food memoirs and they are keeping me good company on the beautiful snow day!


  1. Susan: Never fear, I have the exact same "addiction"! Do you think it is a Catholic, Delaware County thing? LOL Can't wait to see you in class. Love, Lynda Z. This storm is crazy!!!

  2. Susan, I share your addicion for books. I also like to hold on to the books that really "move me". I received a Kindle for Christmas, but I am still working on the books I have. It took me a month to get around to setting the Kindle up, but I guess I will get used to it. Thanks for making me feel better about the clutter. Your cooking classes are sold out, but my group of friends will catch your next round...we are looking forward to it!