Monday, January 31, 2011

A Different Road

Clint and I love to travel. Throughout our years together we made it a priority to explore as many places as we could. Our travels were a gift that presented us with so many varied experiences.

Early on we decided that we would have fun no matter what. When we walked out our front door we considered ourselves on an adventure. We chose not to get annoyed at delayed planes, lost luggage and any other thing that could bring a disruption of our laughter and fun.

One of the experiences that happened quite often is getting lost. We rented a car and drove around places without the knowledge of language or currency. We took the road less traveled and consequently got lost  a lot!!!!

On a trip to Portugal, we decided to visit Fatima. With a map in hand we drove the country roads of Portugal. We discovered that these roads were indeed less traveled without signs to point us in the right direction we drove on and on until we came to a dead end and a sign that pointed to the left that said "Fatima" and a sign that pointed to the right that said "Fatima".  Either way we were going to get to Fatima and we did just that. Laughing all the way!

In our travel over the years we often took a wrong turn that brought us to an unexpected beautiful little village or place we did not know existed. We had fun exploring the unknown. The wrong turns led us to wonderful discoveries and experiences we would have never had if we didn't take a different path.

Life is like this too. We go along with plans in our heads of where we are going and where we want to be. Often we get lost or life hands us a different path. Sometimes we have a choice to turn back and continue on the road we think is best but other times we don't have a choice. We find ourselves on an unexpected adventure, sometimes good and sometimes hard.

I made up my mind a long time ago to enjoy my life and whatever it brings me. So here I am on a unexpected journey. My life as I know it has changed drastically. The hopes and wishes for my future have taken  a different path. I can complain and lament all I want but it is what it is and I will embrace it. I will take this unexpected turn on the road and make the most out of it. I will be a better person and enjoy what life holds out to me. I will give thanks for what I do have and not waste time on what I think may be missing.

Know that we can't always control what happens to us but we sure have the control to accept and enjoy and look at each day as a gift no matter what is handed to us. This is not as easy as it sounds and maybe it doesn't even sound easy to you.  It didn't for me.

At one point I thought to myself that my life was on hold, that this Cancer put a stop to my life as I know it, but this is not true! I realize that I am still living my life everyday, I won't get back the days I don't feel well or the days that I am sad or mad. This is still my life, not on hold but on a different road.
So I will look at this unexpected journey with new eyes. I am on a trip and I will enjoy and savor each moment in time!

Enjoy the life you have and if you are not happy with it try to make some small changes daily. This is your life, each and every day. With the roads that we know and the ones that we don't ~life is an adventure to be enjoyed and savored!

I wish you twists and turns and love and laughter on your journey!!!!
Enjoy your life!!!! Have fun, smile, be kind and when you get to look back you will do so with a smile in your heart!

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