Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Hold

Many times in our life we are "On Hold."

We want to wait to lose 10 lbs before we put on a bathing suit, we want to get our kids through school before we take a vacation, we wait until our house is spotless before we invite anyone to dinner.

So we put off our life, our dreams, our wants and needs until... until what??? life passes by everyday. We only have a certain amount of time, the amount a mystery. A definite is that we all die, can't get away from that truth.

This thought came to me as I sat on the phone for most of the day yesterday... on hold. Agitating music playing over and over again in my ear... put on hold for 20 minutes at a time and then disconnected and put on hold again. It was a very frustrating experience but one I take a lesson from. I began to zone out during my time on hold, attached to the phone but without  a sense that the situation would change.
I felt the day the time wasted as I sat waiting for someone to help me, give me an answer, just get on the phone to talk to me!

I realized yesterday that we sometimes, most times put our life on hold too, waiting for something to change, waiting for what we want to fall into our laps, not really doing anything that would help it along. We wait, as life passes us by.

I bought myself a really beautiful designer handbag some years ago. It came with its own bag to store it in all wrapped up in tissue, just beautiful to look at. That is just what I did... look at it. I put it away in my closet for a "Special Occasion" and there it stayed wrapped and not used for a few years until one day I thought to myself.. everyday is a special occasion what am I waiting for, why is that beautiful bag in the closet on hold???? What am I waiting for? I realized then what I realize now. Everyday is a gift of life, a new chance, a new beginning. Every day is special. Don't wait, don't put your life on hold... go after it now, do it today. Make small changes everyday toward how you want your life to be. Now is the time.

Life passes you by if you are on HOLD!!!!

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  1. So very true, Susan! Can't tell you how many times in my career as an antiques dealer I have bought beautiful, old UNUSED items. People's children sold them to me after their parents passed away or moved to a retirement community. I was told, "I guess Mother was saving this for a special occasion." She kept the gorgeous tablecloth, embroidered pillowcases, purse or what have you, in the box in a drawer where it never saw the light of day to be enjoyed. While I always like finding things in pristine condition, it is sad to wait for a "better" time to enjoy what you have. Use your family heirlooms. Bring out the good silver for a simple family dinner. Take the trip you always wanted. You (and your family) are worth it! XOFran