Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Day a New Perspective

I am coming out of that terrible funk of last week. It took me a while and also a few liters of fluids to feel better. Looking back I think it was dehydration again. As soon as the liquids were in my body I started to feel like myself again. I have to keep a closer watch on this. I do not want to feel like this again!

I spoke in length with the Doctor on Tuesday asking him for a break in treatment so I could work for a few months.

He decided that he would continue treatment but eliminate the biggest drug of all which is causing most of these side effects. He talked about balancing life with treatment, I totally agree. I had no life... outside of my bedroom. I am thrilled with his decision because I really do miss my classes and it is a very hard thing to be self employed with a disease like Cancer. It takes away all your options when you don't feel well and can't work.

So I am looking forward to posting some cooking classes on my web site in about a week or so. I will have a few months to feel better and do some classes~ YEA!!!!!

Thanks so much to all of you who send me prayers and love everyday... I feel them and they do help.

I hope to see you in a class this winter, it will be good to laugh and cook again!


  1. Oh how wonderful! Can't wait to see you standing behind the big cooking table again!

  2. Oh I am overly thrilled for you,YEAH!!!!!!! It makes my heart happy! I am going to have a wonderful day for you! CONGRATS!!!!