Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch your breath

Your breath is a constant in your life. It stays with you until you die. It has been with you since your birth. It is a way to live your life. It helps in time of need and is always there for you no matter what.

Take a deep breath, notice how your body expands, how your lungs fill up, how you can calm yourself with just this simple act. Taking a deep breath, focus your mind on the moment of your breath as it travels through your body into your belly down in your gut. Your breath can soothe you in times of distress, it can comfort you in times of sadness.  It is always there for you no matter what.

Most often we are unaware of our breath.  It is just part of this body doing what it is supposed to do bringing oxygen and nutrients to our very cells.  I see the breath as more than that.  It is a way for me to remain clam during MRI's and CT scans, it is a way for me to relax, a way for me to center myself, get back to what really matters in my life.  I have even used my breath when I was on a roller coaster ride that I really didn't want to be on!!!  It helped me with the twists and turns and drops, I got through it with my breath!!!

My breath is my constant companion and one I sometimes take for granted.  When I am aware of my breath I feel so much better.  In the early morning light I try to focus JUST on my breath. I follow it's path as it enters my nose and mouth.  I hear the sound of it going down past my throat into my lungs, down to my belly.  I can even feel it in my toes if I concentrate hard enough.

It calms me.  If I am feeling nervous or upset, I focus on my breath.  If I feel pain, I breath into the place it hurts.  If I need to calm down or get my attention away from problems, issues and despair, I sit quietly and breath in hope and love and inspiration.

Sometimes I allow my breath to find me.  It is something my friend Sarah has said to me "Let your breath find you."

I do that by just being aware of my breath and then letting it come in shallow or sometimes big breaths and comfort me, calm me, soothe me, teach me that I am not alone.  I have this constant companion throughout my life that will help me, care for me and allow me to control (somewhat) my emotions, my fears, my hopes and dreams.

Take some time during each day to be aware of your breath.  It is your constant companion and is there for you whenever you need help or reassurance of this life that you are living.

Concentrating on your breath is a form of meditation.  It can be minutes or hours, but breathing consciously will set your mind at ease and allow you to see that you are in control of your feelings and the way you react to situations in your life.  It is something you can control, a way to make things better in an instant, in a breath.

We take breathing for granted.  Most of us are not even aware of the rise and fall of our chests. We are only aware of it if something goes wrong.  Our breath signals fear, anticipation, nervousness, anxiety, excitement, exertion.  It is a barometer for our feelings.

Take time to notice that YOU are in control of this. You can calm yourself, catch your breath, make it work for you. This is a gift.  One we have in our lives 24/7 as they say.  Don't take your breath for granted.  Be friends with it.  Use it to help you.  Cherish it.  Your breath will get you through your life with ease and hope and strength.

Breathe deeply and look at the world with hope.

You can change your life with your breath.

Make sure to use this gift daily and it will change your life.



  1. Susan, that was beautiful! I may copy it and pass it along to so that others may benefit from your profound words. You never cease to amaze & inspire me!

  2. Dear Susan,
    Your message to everyone is so powerful and inspirational. I agree 100% about how important and significant our breath is. God, I truly believe has given us all the tools we need right within our reach. I am so happy for you and thankful for you wonderful words that will help so many people, and you will heal yourself in no time at all. You will be doing exactly what you love most Live, Laugh & Cook. You are in my prayers, Maria Catania