Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Expect the Best Today

We open our eyes in the morning to a new day. What is the first thing that comes to your mind as you greet the new day?

All the things you have to do, you think about your day but how do you feel? Do you think it will be a stressful day, a busy day? a day filled with a to-do list? That is how most people greet their day. As a to-do list ~expecting rain or traffic on the way to work, dreading your obligations, thinking the worst.

 A new and different way to look at each new day is to EXPECT THE BEST! What do you have to lose?

Nothing  really, expect miracles to happen, expect the best things and thoughts and needs to come your way. Think and imagine that your day will go smoothly, that you will have all you need and greet any problem with calm and certainty that it will all work out.

Today my day will be wonderful!!!!!

Hows that for positive thinking?

Set your self up for success instead of failure. Enjoy the gift you have been given, a new day, a morning filled with expectations for the day~ Great Expectations, the best for you always.

I always say that you deserve the best in life and that is so true, we all deserve the best so why not wish for it, think it and you know what? If you look on the bright side, you will be happier and more able to handle any situation that comes your way!

When you lay your head on your pillow at nighttime, think of your day and give thanks for all the miracles that happened, for all the opportunity, for all the blessings you received.

Thank your body for doing it’s job, breathing, digesting and standing and sitting, going through all the motions that we don’t even think about. Thank your feet ~they hold you up, thank your hands that handle all your daily tasks, thank your brain for creating your world, be thankful for all the good, for all that you have. Don’t dwell on what is lacking or what you want or think you need. You have everything you need in your life, think about the good and good will come your way.

Expect the best today and see what the universe brings!!!

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