Friday, April 8, 2011


I've been to all three doctors, the oncologist, the liver surgeon, and yesterday I went to the colon surgeon. I've had my tests doing exactly what the doctors are telling me to do. A good girl always!

I had quite a surprise as he danced into the room with his white coat flying behind him, in kind of a hurry to be sure!
He said"Oh I haven't seen you in a while, maybe last April"

No~ I said, you saw me April 15th after I was first diagnosed and then again on May 3rd where you examined me again, and on May 27th another exam (I just love these)..Then again on July 7th after I finished my chemo and radiation.  You examined me and told me there was no sign of the tumor~just a scar, again on August 12, when you sent me to the liver surgeon, I started chemo for the liver on September 15th and finished on March 8th. I told him all of this so he could know what was going on and remind him of who I was!

He walked into the examining room without looking at my chart or MRI or PT/CT scan. I provided him with a run down of the last year. His response" Wow you know everything!" Yep~ it's my body and my life we are talking about here!!!!

After a very thorough and uncomfortable exam with him wiggling the tube in and out of my colon. He Says" I can't find anything, nothing, not even a scar, I don't know what to do!"Oh my ~he doesn't know what to do??? I've heard this from all three doctors at this point. Kind of has me wondering~DON"T DO ANYTHING THEN!!!!!!! I am cured! or so I think. They have other ideas I am sure.

He hands me his card and says call me on Tuesday~we have a colon-rectal conference with all the doctors on Monday night, I will put your name on the list and then we will decide what to do next.

Soooooo still no answers. I am finding out that there are no answers, just more questions. I was under the wrong impression that I would have some idea of what will come next~but no, not yet anyway.
Now don't get wrong I am thrilled to have him say he couldn't find anything! not even the scar, but he saw where the scar was~isn't that the scar? where the scar was???? I am confused, maybe he is confused too !!!

When I finally got home I thought to myself~go to the Doctor you feel the most comfortable with and that is my oncologist~bless his kind, patient heart!

I called him on his cell hone, he gave me that number when I was first diagnosed and I have not misused it at all, but now was the time to use it! I called, he picked up and I spoke with him, giving him the run down on doctors visits and comments. He told me I did the right thing by calling him, that he would get together with the other two doctors and get back to me next week. Weighing the possibility of surgery with a more soft approach, I was so relived to hear that! Hurray!!! finally something concrete. Someone who cares. I know that I have good doctors but they all don't have the time or the patience for talk as he does. I thank God that he is my doctor!

So here I am on this rainy day, with nothing visible in my colon (great news) and a possibility of an non-invasive next step. Hurray Hurray!!!!

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  1. susan - that is great news. Hopefully, the next step will be an easier time on your body and soul. Still in my prayers. Keep the faith!

    Diane Costello
    Garnet Valley, PA