Thursday, April 14, 2011


What can I say, my week and past days have been tiring, exhausting, fearful and sometimes mellow.
I tried to stay in the positive. I did as I was told and called the colon surgeon on Monday to give him a number where he could reach me anytime of the day or night the following day.

The doctors were having a conference on Monday night, my name was on the list. They would put their heads together and let me know their decision regarding my next step in this battle with Cancer.

I slept fitfully on Monday night expecting a long day on Tuesday, jumping every time the phone rang.

I was pleasantly surprised when early in the morning around 9AM or so I received a call from my oncologist. I was happy to hear his voice because I knew that he would take his time explaining everything to me and he did.

The first thing he said to me was that the surgeons wanted to operate, no surprise there, that is what they do and I was told that an operation to get all the tissue out was a good thing. In his next breath he said
"You have very LITTLE Cancer in your body" Hurray!!!!!!! He told me the surgeons do this every day~ take out colons and livers, but to me it is a very serious Operation with a good amount of down time. He feels that I must weigh my options and give this all some thought. He suggested I make an appointment with him next Tuesday and we will discuss everything, the pros and cons of what is to come next. He told me to think about this and also write down any questions that come to mind and we will go from there.

So.... nothing definite yet, but I am moving forward at least. There is a lot to think about~do I want these operation~NO is my first response but do I want this Cancer to come back~ No is my response to that too!!! what to do... So I am trying not to speculate and just go with the flow and know that I will make the right decision for me. I know that in my heart I will do what I have to do to be able to go on with my life and to me that is so important. I want to live my life everyday. It is so precious to me. I re affirm that every morning when the sun peaks out behind the darkness of night. I have another day, a gift and I want to keep receiving that gift.
So I will wait until next Tuesday when I hope to have more answers, in the meantime I am enjoying each blessed second!!!!
Happy Spring to you! Enjoy your moments in time too!

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  1. Susan, I am looking forward to Monday's class. Hopefully, it will be a couple of hours for you to just "be" and enjoy great food and chat with a bunch of loud women who love to eat!

    See you then!