Sunday, April 3, 2011


There are a few things in life that make me feel good, one is sunshine.

Although I don’t mind a rainy day, I even love a rainy day sometimes, but sunshine streaming through my window in the early morning give me so much joy!

I feel uplifted by the sun. It enriches my day making me feel I can do anything.

What I really want to do is sit outside with the rays warming my face and gathering the energy that the sun provide.

A robin was bobbing in my garden this morning, I thought~ spring is in the air. The branches on my trees have started to bud and before we know it spring will be here in full force. Warm days and cool nights, Plants starting to bloom. It is a new beginning for all of nature and I take it as a new beginning for myself too.

I believe in the magic of Springtime. The miracle of all these living things somehow making it through a harsh winter and blessing us once again with new growth.

Life is like that, you have ups and downs and sometimes you can feel as barren as a tree in winter but little by little you come around to a new thought, a different opportunity, a new beginning.

I embrace the ups and downs of life, without them we would be bored and not really appreciate all we have.

Sit in the sun, enjoy these days of light and budding flowers..wind chimes tinkling in the soft breeze, robins visiting us in this, the beginning of Spring. 

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