Friday, April 15, 2011

A visit with Jonny

A few years ago, almost 13 years actually, my daughter Tina met a young man while on his honeymoon in Jamaica. They became fast friends and have stayed in touch all these years.

Jonny was from Quebec and had a very sexy accent as well as a promising career as a NHL linesman.
He traveled extensively as an offical for the National Hockey League. Each time he came to this area, we would get together, mostly having dinners at my home and sometimes going out. We went to visit him in Quebec one winter and he took us to the Maple Syrup Festival. It was great fun as we tried all foods made with maple syrup we even ate frozen syrup dipped in the high snow that covered most of Quebec, even in the Spring!

When he bought a home in Tampa we went to visit him there too, meeting his wife and small children. We as a family have remained close all these years. His kids have grown up and so have we. Time passes but we still all stay in touch!

Last year when the Flyers were in the town, he got us great seats and an after game visit to meet all the players. We had a ball. Jonny is now one of the top linesman and was asked to participate in the playoff season~ a great honor for a linesman!

He is in town for the first two games and wanted to stop by to say hello.

I had cooking classes all week so I couldn't meet for dinner but he was able to drive here for a nice lunch today. I made all the things he loves and we had a wonderful, if short visit.

It is so nice to stay in touch with friends over the years.

Last year when Tina made the call to tell him I had Cancer, he told her that at every game as he dropped the puck to start the game he whispered a prayer for my recovery. He told me today that he does it each and every time for all the games he participates in. To me, this means so very much!
I told him today~ keep up the prayers~ it is working!

Here's to friends and prayers and love across the miles!!!

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