Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caponata~ a Great Summer Recipe !

I love the summertime with all the fresh and wonderful produce there is around .. this is one of my favorite recipes.. you can use just about anything from fresh tomatoes to yellow squash in it ! it is great hot or cold and keeps well in the fridge .. I use it for an antipasto or a side dish or even a main course .. sweet & savory at the same time ~it is just tasty and delicious ! hope you enjoy it !


2 LBS eggplant cubed with skin on
2 zucchini cubed ,skin on
1 large onion chopped
2 ribs celery diced
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 red peppers diced
2 tbs. chopped parsley
1 tbs. capers
1/2 cup black imported olives
1/2 cup olive oil or more
salt & pepper
1/4 red wine vinegar
2 TBS brown sugar
2 cups marinara sauce

In oil saute peppers, onion , garlic ,celery, zucchini,eggplant till soft .. add more oil if necessary cook for about 15 minutes & then add remaining ingredients ... cook additional 20 to 30 minutes

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