Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Mother & Michael Jackson

My mother is 80 years old .. she lives 1/2 block from me and I see and talk to her regularly .. but never so much as these days !
It started with a innocent statement"Michael Jackson's kids are not his"and went on from there ... "did you know his casket will be blue & gold ? "
"his mother is really pretty "
"she doesn't live with the father "
"he is $500 million dollars in debt"
"his estate is worth ... " and on & on ......... to say that my 80 year old mother is obsessed with Michael Jackson would be an understatement!
I am receiving a daily account of the life and death of Michael Jackson .. last night while having a light summer dinner at my house she said~
" what will I do after he is buried ??? "
Now that is a scary thought... at home with my dad ( he sleeps alot) my mother watches TV .. she does do some reading but lately she has been glued to the TV with the sights and spectacle that is Michael Jackson .. the king of Pop.
"he only weighed 112 lbs !"
"they towed his doctors' car away"
"his doctor made $150,000 a month! "
"they have his last video "
"he loved his kids "
"the dermatologist was the Father!"
"the sisters are there for the money "
"he was paid in cash for all his concerts "
"his maids all wore black & white uniforms '
As I write this I think you, too, will know as much as I do about Michael!~he has become one of the family ... an everyday subject..
What will we do when he is buried !??!

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