Friday, July 10, 2009

What I know for sure

I am an avid reader .. I love to read ... books magazines , cookbooks , blogs , newsletters.. really anything I can get my hands on .. I love to be lost in a novel .. in a far away place .. in someone else adventure or life... I love to be inspired by stories and motivated by articles.

The rooms in my home are overflowing with books in every corner .. sometimes I read 2 or 3 books at a time .. a novel .. a self help book and a cookbook !

In magazines I have a favorite column .. I look for that each time a new monthly magazine comes out .. one of my favorite is Oprah's " What I Know For Sure " .. usually on the last page of her magazine .

During my reflective quiet time in the early morning hours .. I usually get up between 5 & 6 .. just to have a cup of coffee and write .. I came up of my list for "Things I know for sure "
I encourage you to do this too ! it will make you realize what is truly important in your life .. what really matters to you .. aside for our daily routine and things we have to do .. this will show you what is in your heart ! and in life you should follow your heart ! it never lies !

What I know for sure I need daily

my quiet time
a nap
good food
good wine
a walk
to listen to the sounds of birds
kisses from my grand babies
day dreaming
kisses from Clint
writing my morning pages
a nice hot shower

Make some time in your life to see what really matters to you.. make a list .. set some goals ...incorporate what is meaningful in your life to your daily activities will be surprised at how happy it will make you !
What do YOU know for sure ???

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