Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Makin' Music

Music is a beautiful thing ! It can lift your spirits and change your mood .. it can calm you and excite you .. you can be entertained or lulled to sleep .. the magic of a song can transport you to a different time and place or bring back wonderful memories .. it can make you feel like a child again , make you feel sexy .. encourage you to dance and twirl around the room !

If I am feeling sad or blue I put on some country western music .. that is enough to make me laugh and smile because they are always singing about something worse that I am going through .. if I want to be upbeat .. Motown will do that in a second .. the Beatles can transport me to my youth and Sinatra or Tony Bennett will entertain me for hours !

I can twist .. cha~ cha and just plain shake my way into laughter & a smile !
I dance around the house with the grand kids showing them how to twist & shout & boogy around .. it is great fun and a wonderful stress reducer .

So next time you're feeling blue go get out that CD or I pod and shake that booty into a smile !

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