Sunday, July 19, 2009

Roasted Summer Veggies

Farmer's Markets have been on my mind yesterday I called my mom up and asked if she would like to take a ride with me to the New Garden Growers Market in Avondale .

My mother is always up for an adventure so I gathered all my canvas shopping totes and off we went .

It was a beautiful morning .. low 80's breezy, sunny~ just spectacular for our ride in to Chester County .

I was told about the New Garden Farmers/Growers Market from Jack Hill of Jack's Jam's and Aaron Esh~an Amish Dairy Farmer .. while on our Chester County tour last Spring we went to visit both of these entrepreneurs on our day trip and they told us that they sell their wares every summer at New Garden .. so with a google map and a pleasant ride we were off!

The Market had about 17 or so vendors under white Canopies... we split up and went to work ~shopping .. my mother is a mega shopper .. for whose of you who have been on a trip with us you know that my mom can out~shop just about anybody ! you would think she has an army of people living in her home ! She is FIERCE ! Every time I passed her she handed me another bag full of goodies ! I made 5 trips to the car for her alone !

We bought brown eggs , purple string beans , luscious corn on the cob , beautiful tomatoes, an assortment of mushrooms ~Shitake, Crimini, King Oyster ! we bought yellow beets and big bright sun flowers .. artisan's breads and even organic chicken..pickled beets & marinated mushrooms ! Jellies from Jack's of course ~he has the best jellies I have ever tasted ! . ...cherry tomatoes and baskets of peaches..plumb blueberries..tiny baby carrots.. we filled the back of my car with fabulous fresh produce !

It was such a nice day .. I took the long way home on Old Baltimore Pike and stopped at a dairy to buy raw milk and organic heavy cream ... fresh whipped butter and an assortment of cheese !

We had lunch in Kennett & headed home .. the car fragrant with flowers and fresh produce !

Anytime I shop like this I always have the urge to cook when I get home ... I wanted to keep it simple but I also wanted to make a blueberry cobbler so knowing that my oven would be on anyway for that I decided to just clean all my veggies toss them with olive oil & kosher salt .. fresh cracked pepper .. I laid them on a parchment lined cookie sheet and put them in the oven for about 30 minutes or so ! WOW ! what a meal we had for dinner last night !
Fresh baked bread toasted to a crisp .. a creamy goat cheese and then all the wonderful roasted vegetables ! Of course blueberry cobbler with organic heavy cream poured on top for dessert ! it was a taste of heaven .. a taste of Chester County !

Shop local !!! visit your Farmer's Markets !it is a wonderful feeling eating food that came from the land that we live on ! so fresh , so wonderfully good !I can't wait to go back !

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  1. Wow! veggies look great. My husband and I have a large garden and we grow all of our own veggies. Often times as he carries basket after basket into the house, I have to admit, I get a little overwhelmed as to what to do with ALL THESE VEGGIES!! So why, after seeing your beautiful pics, do I have the urge to run to that market and buy more (the things we do not grow)? I guess it is because nothing tastes as good a sun warmed vegetables just picked from the garden. Believe it or not I have never just roasted vegetables tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper. I tend to get stuck just making the same garden recipes year after year. What could be more simple than roasting veggies? I can't wait to try that. Also can't wait to grab my husband and head off to that Farmers Market just to check it out. Fresh whipped butter and organic heavy cream sounds yummy. I would love to know the name of that dairy on Old Baltimore Pike. Also, I'm guessing 400 would be a good roasting temp? Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. It is going so fast. Is it really almost the end of July already??