Thursday, July 2, 2009


Funny how quickly time passes by .. when we are busy with the every-day stuff of life.. going to work ... doing chores... cooking .. dealing with family and friends .. we don't think about time .. but if a slow minute comes upon us .. when things quiet down .. we have time to pause and look at our life .. then we can see that time just goes on it's merry way .. ticking by we get older ... our life gets shorter .. the things we want to do or plans we may have day dreamed about get pushed towards the back burner ....

How many times have you heard the expression " Life is not a dress rehearsal ".. if you stop to think about that saying you will realize that it rings true ...

Hey ! it's now or never ! take a look at your life .. your dreams .. your passion .. where did they go .. are you making time in your life for what you really want ? do you know what it is that you really want ?

Those answers don't come too easily .. you need to make space for your dreams .. you need to think about them plan them take steps towards them ..
you need to DO something !

I once overheard a conversation in a quiet little restaurant on the coast of Oregon .. a gentleman and his companion were sitting behind .. out of sight but not out of earshot .. they were talking about INTENTION & ACTION .. all of us at some point in our lives have INTENTION .. good intentions but do we always take action on those thoughts? .. if we don't .. if we don't make a effort to take a step towards our intention .. take some ACTION .. our intention becomes nothing .. just a dream .. never a reality
We can't sit and wait for a present to drop in our lap .. we need to start to make it happen .. show the universe and our selves that we are serious about what it is that we want in our life .
That is how things happen .. first you dream, then you think, then you do something and guess what .. then it happens ..
Our thoughts are real .. what we think of manifests itself in our lives ..
think good thoughts... think about what you want .. take the time to day dream in your daily life .. make plans .. then take steps to make those plans become a reality
the time is now .. your life is right now .. it's now or never .. make your life the best it can be .. everyday.. every minute ..
Be happy .. don't worry .. all good things will come to you !

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."
Ronald Reagan

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