Friday, February 18, 2011

Early Morning

It is still dark outside, the sky is starting to streak with the colors of early mornings, the birds are tweeting and the promise of a new day is here. I love the early mornings. If I could, I would get up at 5 or even earlier just to enjoy the solitude that these mornings offer. It is a new day, a new beginning, another chance to get it right, to live your life the way you chose.

I start my mornings with candlelight and coffee and a big pad of paper and I write. What do I write? what ever comes to mind. My hopes and dreams, my complaints, my list of things to do in my life. My hope and wish for health and happiness. I write what ever comes out of my head. I just write, not thinking, not bothering to capitalize or make complete sentences. This is not an exercise in English. I don't need to have this corrected. It is just early morning ramblings that allow me to dream and hope and wish and pray.

I think about Italy, I would love to go to Rome to wander the streets and eat Carciofi and drink Espresso.

I think about my garden. Will I plant one this year? what flowers will I put into my garden to make a sanctuary to wander through in the hot days of summer.

I think about what is next for me. What does my future hold? will I have more chemo? an operation? more tests? what is up ahead? do I really want to know? probably not.

I think about writing another cookbook, I think of the stories I have to tell, the dreams I want to share.
This is my quiet time, my time to think and dream, a time to be quiet and let my mind wander, a time to notice what is in my heart.

Make some time today to notice your dreams. Pay attention to your heart. Let your breath lead you to a soft place in your heart, be open to your minds' suggestions, let them lead you to a new day, a new beginning. A day of hope and strength and life. Your life. It is today.

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