Thursday, February 24, 2011


I remember as a child my mom would give my brothers and sister a penny for each Grey hair we pulled out of her head as we watched TV. Getting old in those days was a no-no. Anything old was thrown out, she wasn't one for sentimental items or thoughts.

Our home was filled with old antique furniture because when my mom and dad first were married they lived with my grand parents, everything in the house was from a long lost era. As the years went by she replaced it all with modern things. I am sad to this day!

In my life today I seek the old, the worn, the weathered. I have an affinity for distressed and well worn items with a past, a history only they can tell.

My home is filled with gatherings from my mom's basement, old pots and dishes that were my grandmother's, chipped and cracked burned around the edges, it gives me comfort to be surrounded by history.

Clint and I have started a new hobby. When things are tough here and I need to get out of the house we head to Lancaster and go Antiquing. Browsing really, we wander through these old barns and farmhouses filled to the brim with all things old. We pick up each piece and wonder how it was used. Clint knows about most of the things that hold an interest. He remembers when, as they say.

I started "collecting" things a few years back when old serving pieces held my interest. I would go to any outdoor market where ever we happen to be to see what they had for sale that was interesting. I had a varied collection of silver and silver plate serving utensils and old kitchen gadgets. My home is filled with all the things I love ... I have a church bench for the late 1800's, a carpenter's workbench that Clint completely restored from the early 1800's, my kitchen cabinets are made with all reclaimed wood and the large table n my living room is made from old barn wood and porch posts. I love it all. I am never concerned when my grand kids arrive and start building a fort or playing monster trucks on my tables .. the surface has been well used years before and they can't hurt a thing! makes life easy!

We are all aging, each and every day and as my father says "it's a good thing to get old, look at the alternative!"
So as I get older I want to be surrounded by things that have a past, a story to tell, things well used and cherished. They call it Vintage now, sounds fancy but really it is old and well worn, well used and hopefully well loved.

When you get up in years certain things begin to happen; you care less about what others think, you dress the way you want, say the things you want to say, you become aware of your time on earth and how precious it is, you realize that your health is most important and with out your health life is just a little bit harder.

My father also told me a long time ago that wisdom comes with age. My dad was a voracious reader when I was growing up. He mostly read about the lives of the saints and he would always tell me that wisdom was an attribute I should covet. I often asked how to go about "getting" wisdom and his reply was that it comes with age, it comes with the daily lessons life has to offer.  So I had to wait to have this most important piece of life. I think I am on my way, getting old has a way of doing that. Offering up life's finest and also hardest moments, but I wouldn't trade it for the world, all the little things that seem so important have a way of fading and leaving behind a lesson and a little wisdom.

Add some vintage in your life whether it be a cherished antique, an old book or someone who has lived long enough to teach you something about wisdom and life, it will remind you that we all get old, that we all serve a purpose and that we are not finished serving until we pass from this life we are living.


  1. Beautiful, Susan.... These are beautiful words to live by.

  2. Lisa Doyle Canterino I too love old (vintage) things! I have found some wonderful pieces (kitchen & serving ware) at Nanna's Attic. I will have to get to Lancaster! The more disstressed the better, lol I am still waiting for more wisdom! Looking forward to seeing you tonight :)

    Paula Sgallata Moran Thank you Sue.

    Fran Wayne Beautiful thoughts, Susan! You know I really loved this blog. Come see us at the Renninger's Valley Forge Antiques Show this weekend!

    Eileen Marturano How true!! Thank you for a wonderful evening last night!You are amazing! It is mind boggling how with all you are going through, you are able to give a cooking class . Your stories were so inspiring and the food was so delicious! We should all be as strong and courageous as you!

    Donna Iezzi Hawkins There is only one blog I ever read and that is yours, Susan. Beautiful!