Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We were riding home last night from my long infusion day at JEFF. It was rush hour traffic and we were driving down Walnut Street. I had the good fortune not to be driving. Clint does the driving, leaving me the pleasure of checking out the sights out my side window.

There is so much to see as you are driving down a very busy street filled with rush hour traffic, people riding bikes in between the small space between cars, buses sometimes two or three in a row traveling and stopping every block, there are people in the streets and taxis changing lanes with abandon. There is window shopping along the LeBec Fin section of town. My head was swirling with each block that we passed. As we drove further into the neighborhoods I caught a glimpse of something that triggered a thought that gave me an idea for this blog.

As we were stopped for a light I looked to my right and saw several big men lifting a large brown leather sofa up tiny cement steps. They hoisted it up, trying to get it over a railing and all I saw where their large, strong hands, each pair gripping the sofa a different way, strong hands holding and pushing and working together to get the big sofa into a tiny row home doorway. 

It made me think about our hands, how much we use them daily for mundane things such as getting dressed, answering e mails, tying our grand childrens' shoes, making coffee in the morning, scratching an itch, kneading dough for pizza, rolling out gnocchi. I can go on and on but I think you may get my point. It is something we take for granted, going through our daily life without a thought or appreciation for the two most important parts of our body.

I often say in cooking classes that you can have all the fancy equipment the cookware store have to offer but you really have the two most versatile and important tools right at the your fingertips~ YOUR HANDS!!!!

It is something we take for granted, using them all our lives for the most important jobs and also the mundane everyday tasks we perform. Take a minute to look at you hands, do you take care of them? wash then regularly, slather them with cream to keep them soft, stretch out the fingertips, get a manicure or put them together in prayer?

Think about your hands and what they have accomplished through the years. I put my hands together and realize that my right dominant hand is slightly bigger than my left. I am a barber and cut hair for years and so my right thumb is poking out a little more than my left. I sometimes feel pain in my hands, the beginning of arthritis I am sure. I stretch and care for my hands, I appreciate each and every button they touch, every scratch or caress they give, the tousle of a child's hair, the cup of coffee I hold in the morning. My hands are always there for me.

Take a minute to think about your hands and just how important they are to your daily life, care for them and give thanks for them. They make you life what it is today.

Appreciate your body and all that it does for you without a single thought or command sometime, it is
just there for you so care for your body give thanks for all you have. It is truly a gift!

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  1. Patrice wrote:
    "It seems more and more lately, as I'm cooking and working with my hands I find myself caught off guard as I look at my hands and see my mother's hands. I have vivid memories of her fixing my hair, cooking, baking, arranging flowers, ect. and now at this time in my life . . . I look and see that have my mother's hands. Not youthful but strong and very comforting."