Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finn's Cooking Class demo at his school

This week was "FINN" day at his preschool. As grandparents we were invited to come and participate in his celebration.

I chose to do a cooking demo, and also talk about his Italian heritage of course.

The kids were excited. They each received an apron and we had a brief discussion on food likes and dislikes. I also asked the kids about Italian cooking and what their favorite thing was about Italy. One little boys answer came as a surprise and got a laugh from me! His answer to my questions about his favorite thing in Italy!~Ferrari's ( I don't blame him) he also said he loved Polenta, my favorite food too!!!

We did fruit skewers with strawberries, melon and grapes and celery with cream cheese and raisins also know as ants on a log. The kids had fun and so did we! It was a great way to celebrate Finn and be included in his special week!!!
Here are some pictures.

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