Friday, March 25, 2011


GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We headed down to JEFF this morning for an 11:30 appointment with the Liver Surgeon. In the past this doctor has been pretty late with appointments and we've had to wait sometimes 2 hours before we were seen. He also was quick in the room to talk to us, sometimes not even siting down when he came in. He is a great surgeon but not all that good with a bedside manner.

Today was different. We were seen exactly on time and maybe sooner! He came into the room and sat down facing me. I had a list of questions in my hand but believe it or not he answered every one without me asking!!!

I had a good feeling as we sat talking to him. He told me he reviewed the discs and not just the reports.  "You are doing great!" The bigger spot on the right side of my liver is now small enough to be scooped out~ a far cry from taking the right side of my liver out!!!
The smaller spots although there are a lot of them, altogether would fit on the head of a pin!!!! He is not even sure they are cancerous. He said if he went in to burn them he may not even be able to find them.

His suggestion was to make an appointment with the colon surgeon to have him do a biopsy of my colon tumor to determine if the "Lighting Up" is from cancer or radiation. To get his opinion on whether or not he want to remove it now or just take a "Wait and See" attitude.

If the wait and see is what he wants I may go on"maintenance" chemo and they will just keep checking on me. I found out today that this is a LIFE long process... the checking for Cancer.

If the colon surgeon determines that taking out the tumor is best, the liver surgeon will be there as well to scoop out the spot on the right and burn those pesky little spots on the left. Same incision, so I won't look like a french door window with scars running up and down my midsection! THANK GOODNESS for that !!!! Down time from  surgery is greatly reduced from 6 to 8 weeks to 2 to 3 weeks!!

All in all we walked out of his office floating on air, I feel like I've been given a gift, a reprieve, a good report card!!! This is fantastic news.. I am still taking it all with a grain of salt (the only thing my taste buds detect anymore~salt) until I see the colon surgeon but I feel good about his reaction to all my tests and at least I feel like the past 7 months of chemo has accomplished something.

After all is said and done all three doctors will determine what is next. If the operation is a go I still have to wait at least 8 weeks for the AVASTIN drug to get out of my system as it creates problem with healing.
So I have an 8 week rest, my hair (fuzz) is growing back slowly, I am gaining my energy back and I am starting to feel like myself again. All wonderful!!!

This day that I expected to be filled with anxiety has turned out so differently.
My mind created a worse scenario than actually happened, which if you think about it, is always the case.

We left the office and had a nice lunch~ I even ordered a glass of wine to celebrate!
I am thinking on the positive side and blessing my life and all the people in it who have prayed and supported me with encouraging words, flowers, soup, plants cards and tears and hugs, all of it has lifted me up and made me strong enough to face this adversary.

I am truly blessed and grateful.

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  1. Wonderful, Susan! I am thrilled for you! There's lots to celebrate now and lots of cooking to look forward to. Hopefully those taste buds will soon be doing their job again. They are probably just in shock from what the chemo has done to them!

    I am so happy for you. Just another example of the power of prayer!