Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Waiting Game

It is Wednesday and I've had all my tests. I've been stuck and prodded and probed and injected, now I have to wait.
Wait for the Doctors to read the test, wait for the Doctors to call me, wait for my appointment with the liver surgeon on Friday.
Wait Wait Wait~ during this waiting period I try to stay as busy as possible. I don't want an idle mind that can fill with fear at the drop of a hat!
I am sending my body messages of healing, love, hope and strength.
I envision my liver clear of spots, my colon free of tumors. I am sending positive energy my way. I am also receiving so many emails and prayers and good energy from everyone. This has got to help!!
On this rainy day I am in the kitchen cooking. It is soothing to me to be stirring and sauteing and cooking my way to a free mind!
I am playing the waiting game but I am doing OK.
The MRI last night felt like I was inside church bells in Tuscany. The booming I heard for an hour or so was transformed to a place in Italy.
I can see now how powerful my mind is!!
I thank everyone for their kindness and encouragement during this waiting period.
And so I wait wait wait.. for news hopefully good, and a plan.

1 comment:

  1. From now on when I hear the bells I will think of you. It's fixed in my mind now.