Monday, March 7, 2011

A scenic lookout

Have you ever taken a car trip?

Driving somewhere special, we only think of our destination, we are in the car reading (only if you're not driving I hope), listening to music or just zoning out. We pass through beautiful country and don't pay attention to a thing. Along the road there are usually signs for a scenic lookout, a pull over stop that is NOT a rest stop but a chance to gaze out at the beautiful countryside, a lake, a mountain, a sunset. All within our reach, all within our gaze, all we have to do is stop and take a look. Interrupt our journey for just a little while to gaze upon the spectacular.

Life is sometimes like that. We wake up each morning and go on our way to do the things we have on our lists, go to work to make a living, take care of our kids, our family. We don't stop along the way, not enough time, gotta get all this done in a certain period of time.

BusyBusyBusy, we lead busy lives, too busy to stop at the scenic overlook and gaze at the beauty that surrounds us. I am not just talking about mother nature, but also the people we have in our lives, or the people who we meet for only a couple of minutes in our day.

Do we take the time to talk ? to have a conversation? to find out how a neighbor is doing, how WE are doing? Not likely! we just go on, the day passes by in lightening speed without us noticing anything except our chores and our to do lists.

I am a great person for planning and for lists. I love lists, it makes me feel like I am accomplishing so much. Doing doing doing... but lately I am learning a new lesson. The lesson of noticing. Paying attention to the day, the sun, the breeze in the air. Taking the time to really have a conversation with someone I meet. Taking time to get to know a different way, a different environment. Taking the time to see how I really feel.

The Cancer has forced me to notice. Notice how I feel physically and emotionally. Take the time to take care of me, take the time to listen to what my body needs, to what I need in this moment. It is not always easy. We have been trained at an early age to do ... do this~do that, up until we lay our head on the pillow and sometimes into the night, we make plans and lists.

Our days are passing us by. Our life is passing us by and we cross off the stuff on our list without taking the time to smell the roses, enjoy the sunset, savor a meal, give someone you love a kiss for no special reason other than you love them!

Stop what you are doing, take the turn to the scenic overlook in your life. Take time to notice who and what is around you. Take the time to appreciate all that you have in your life, something simple as a fluffy pillow, a friend who is always there for you, good music that makes you want to dance. Take time in life for the good things, they are all around you ..
You just need to stop and NOTICE!!!!


  1. I love this- so true! Today I saw daffodils and they were fabulous. Hope you are feeling well.

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    Dot Hartfield O'Connor Thanks for the reminder :)

    Linda Guidone Well said !
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    Martha Cavanagh Ditto both the above.
    Simple and delicious. Just like the best food.
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    Carolyn Johnson this blog must have really hit home or it's just the end of the day and I'm tired and vulnerable, but it made me teary.Tks for the wake up call.
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    Mary Beth Reimann
    Susan, I could not agree more. That is why I am going to the Flower Show and Tea with Anne and Robin tomorrow and then meeting a friend and her daughter at the Secrets of the Silk Road Exhibition at Penn on Wed.
    To use a Biblical reference,... I spent too many years being a "Martha" , now I try to be more of a "Mary".
    Hope you are feeling better today. HUGS!!!See More

    Tina Martino Newman Mom, all I do is make lists, I have them everywhere, in every room, in my pocket at all times, hanging on the fridge, lists of things to buy, lists of things that need to be done, lists of things i want to do, want to read, wonder where I get that from? LOL

  3. Susan, Just heard of you from a friend who attended your cooking class. I am 45yrs old and was diagnosed with colon cancer along with spots on my liver and lymphnodes in 2009. Had surgery and a year of chemo and 6 mos later relapsed with spots again up on liver and lymphs. So now back on chemo. Life is a gift and we need to cherish it every day! Wishing you peaceful moments and strong will! Karen